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Protect your online privacy now



Protect Your Privacy

protect your privacy and route the web pages through a Proxy sites and Free proxy server, now you can control and monitor the use of your website and can hide the site from others.


More speed, more security

You can search the web pages through the fast gigabit network and the Secure Socket Layer (SSL ) ensures encryption for safe surfing .


Global Access

You can be connected around the globe from anywhere to anywhere. Free proxy server has the mission to keeps people connected and accessible with easiness.


Bypass Filters

The government or the departmental head will not allow you to prevent your favorite sites. Through a Proxy sites, when you connect to a website is not actually connecting to the website you are viewing. helps to connect to the website, and will pass it back together. Regardless of whether it is safe,target website (SSL), regardless of whether it is safe, we will pass back through an encrypted SSL connection. This is worrying about those pesky filters helps us to look at the site you want to include.


Anonymous Browsing

Your's internetwork is no one concern but yours. At the Proxy sites charisma, we follow the web stands which helps in keeping everyone work secret from others. Instead of connecting to a website directly, and keeps you in a veil from the eyes of the others which may harm your site. thus allows you to send it back to us and no one will know where you've been.